SEO & SEM are the two basic ways of promoting websites. Mass visits from internet users to our website are caused by search engine results, depending on which search engine the user selects.
In the results show by search engines the user will suffice to read just the first and second results page !!

What statistics say?

Statistics say that if the user doesn’t find what they look for in the first results, they will search again with different keywords. This is the reason building a website alone in  not enough. It is crucial to promote it effectively.

Two main ways of promoting websites

There are two basic ways to promote websites, thosen depending on what is promoted and the existing competition.
The SEO target is to probvide better instrunental search results where as the SEM uses search engines to promote the website or the business to customers through the internet and provide the webpage with a specific target group.

The differences between SEO & SEM

The SEO & SEM are not serveces competing each other.
The SEO is considered a group of SEM services. Should you wish to start a business online it needs to be visible both in instrumental and commercial links, which means you need both SEO & SEM !!