Make an E-Shop

E-Shop Construction has its own goals, audience and opportunities !!


Our Basic Goal

Our basic purpose on designing your buiness E-Shop is the better show of the services, products and sales increase !!!

We define goals and purposes, in each E-shop construction and on every page of it. Your homepage  must be able to attract users to clich on your categories or directly to a product page !
The product page must provide answers to every doubt and argument the users might have and corvince them to proceeed to a purchase.
The purchase basket webpage should be simple and easy to use during the payment process. Very crucial is also the email confirmation fuction that will assure byers the transaction was a success !!
It is the design base during creating different types of pages during the construction of your E-Shop, fast and easy order process !!!

E-Commerce Solutions

We provide strategic approach of E-Commerce solutions creative contact and sales increase.
After the completion of your E-Shop construction we target the users analyzing their consumer behaviour and we start together the campaign of Digital Marketing causing the users to act translating visitors into sales.

Digital Marketing

We use Digital Marketing techniques providing complete solutions for promoting and showing your company’s services and products to internet consumers.

Domain Name

Your Domain Name is one of the most important attributes of your Website. It is the URL you will be sharing with your current and potential clients. Also you will be promoted through Social Media and that is why you need Keywords simple and descriptive for your customers to remember

Website Hosting

Every Website needs a good server. Depending on the budget available you can choose between Servers Shared with other Websites or a Server Pack Exclusively for your Website
Afterwards, depending on your budget you choose the Hosting space for your Website. Price range for Web Hosting varies from 4.00€ up to 100€. There is a wide scale of available Web Hosting partners for you to choose from. Usually shared servers cost less but with a Dedicated Server Hosting plan you can achieve optimal performance plus you get all the available server resources at the disposal of your Website solely. Also take into account the higher safety provided compared to Shared Hosting plans.

Price for an E-Shop

The price for a E-Shop depends on the design and developmental needs of every business. 
Price range is from 900€ to 100.000€ !!!
Maintenarce costs vary from 100€ to 15.000€ per year