Google Ads

Google Ads is an online advertising service that works as an auction to display an ad on a small part of the visited website.
The advertising message must link to specific web pages specified by the advertisers and appear in Google Search results for specific keywords. Google websites and websites partnered with Google are designed to select and display advertising messages appropriately. Google also offers web-targeted text advertising, banners, rich ads and more.
The AdWords program is covered by local, national and international display networks.

Google Ads charges

The amount charged to the advertiser is determined based on the number of users who select the ad (PPC – Pay Per Click), i.e. cost per 100 clicks (CPC), cost per purchase (CPA – Cost Per Acquisition) and cost per 1000 impressions (CPM). The minimum charge per 1000 views for participating in an auction is 2€. There is no minimum cost per click (CPC). Google also provides a list of relevant websites for the advertiser to choose from and is charged based on impressions (CPI) or clicks (CPC).

Ad types in Google Ads campaigns

Search: Appear on Google’s search network.
Display: Display on Google’s millions of partner pages.
Performance Max: Appears on all major Google networks (Search Network, Display Network, YouTube, Discovery, Gmail).
Discovery: Personalized ads with rich visual content in places on Youtube in the “Watch Next Module and also in Gmail.
Smart: Smart ads that use artificial intelligence and are shown on partner networks, the search network, YouTube, Google Maps and Gmail.
Video: Display on the YouTube display network.
Shopping: Link products to Google Shopping and display at the top and right side of the search page.