Facebook & Instagram Ads

Online advertising and digital marketing strategies that concentrate on social networking services are referred to as social network advertising, also known as social media targeting. The ability of advertisers to target their adverts effectively by utilizing user demographic data is one of the main advantages of this type of advertising.
In-depth target group identification is made feasible by social media targeting, which integrates current targeting choices (such as geotargeting, behavioral targeting, socio-psychographic targeting, etc.). With social media targeting, individuals are shown advertising based on data gleaned from target audience profiles.

Social media targeting and social network advertising are not always the same thing. Social media targeting is a technique for improving social media advertising that involves sending advertisements to certain users based on their profiles. The process of connecting social network users to advertiser-specified target demographics is known as social network advertising. Social media marketing entails posting material to various social media sites, interacting with followers, and running adverts.

Ads with Photos

Utilize a clean, uncomplicated, and fashionable artistic canvas to tell your story. Square, horizontal, or vertical photos are all possible.

Video ads

Utilize the strength of graphics, audio, and motion while obtaining the same immersive image quality that photo advertising provides. You can now share videos that are no longer than 60 seconds.

Ads with Rotating Images

By allowing people to view more photographs or videos in one ad, you can give your campaigns a deeper level of depth.

Ads in Stories

Facebook’s well-known, dependable, and cutting-edge people-based measurement tools enable Instagram Stories advertisements, a creative, captivating, and immersive full-screen ad format designed to motivate users to take particular activities.

Ads in Exploration

By extending your Stream ads to audiences who want to widen their interests beyond the accounts they follow, you may connect with people who are eager to learn new things.